IRS Extends Tax Return Due Dates For Kentucky Storm & Flood Victims

The IRS has announced that Storm victims in parts of Kentucky now have until Nov. 15, 2022, to file various individual and business tax returns and make tax payments. The IRS gives the relief to any area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as qualifying for individual or public assistance. Currently, individuals and … Read more

Winner Of $1.28 Billion Lottery Gets $433.7 Million After Tax

Someone in Illinois bought the winning ticket, and if he or she does like most winners, they will take the lump sum, not the annuity. The $1.28 billion prize, which is the second-largest jackpot in Mega Millions lottery history, can be claimed in a lump sum or over time. The 1.28 billion is only if … Read more

Clint Eastwood Wins Suit Over Fake Advertising, IRS Wins Too

Clint Eastwood may be 92, but he is still feisty, having won his second lawsuit against online marketers who used his likeness without his permission. His fellow plaintiff was Garrapata, an agency that owns the rights to Eastwood’s name and image outside of movies. The latest verdict awarded Eastwood and Garrapata $2 million in damages. … Read more

Aretha Franklin Estate Settles IRS Tax Claims

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died in 2018 without a will. She was one more in a long line of celebrities that are very successful but that neglect how important estate planning can be. Her heirs had to endure public court battles, just one of the unfortunate aspects of a lack of binding documents … Read more

Were IRS Research Audits Used To Target Trump’s Enemies? Here’s Another Possible Explanation For Why Two Ex-FBI Officials Got Picked

Two former FBI officials were the subjects of a rare type of IRS audit. Were they targeted? getty It may be every politician’s favorite fantasy—weaponizing the IRS. Last week the New York Times reported that two high-ranking former FBI officials who had been fired by then President Trump were both subjected to a rare type … Read more