Could Crypto Mining Taxes in The US Help Save The Planet, Or Is There an Easier Way?

Carbon emissions are overheating the planet, and Americans are feeling it this summer, with wildfires, heat waves, floods, and droughts. The most significant source of planet-heating carbon emissions is burning fossil fuels for energy. Policymakers looking to curb emissions are turning their attention into cryptocurrency mining (validating cryptocurrency transactions on a blockchain network that stores … Read more

What Do The Political Parties Think About A Gas Tax Holiday? It Depends On Who Proposes It

Looking for a case study of our hyper-partisan politics? No need to search any further than your local gas pump. The ongoing debate in Washington and in many state capitols over a gas tax holiday has become a classic example of our toxic partisan politics. When Democrats propose one, Republicans reflexively oppose it. And when … Read more

How Should the US Tax Petroleum Profits?

Ballooning oil company profits have produced a volley of “windfall profit tax” proposals. How well would their different provisions meet the near-term US policy goals of increasing tax revenue from oil profits without deterring domestic production or raising consumer prices? The US currently taxes petroleum production in two main ways: the income tax and an … Read more