What You Need To Know About The Manchin-Schumer Tax And Climate Compromise

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 08: Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) heads to a vote in the Senate (Photo by … [+] Samuel Corum/Getty Images) Getty Images After more than a year of often-fraught negotiations, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said he has agreed to a slimmed down tax, health care, climate, and energy bill. The details of … Read more

Why Biden’s Federal Gas Tax Holiday Would Be Bad For America

Biden speaking Tuesday in the Roosevelt room at the White House. Getty Images Is too much inflation crushing your summer vacation plans? President Joe Biden has a holiday for you — at the gas pump. Biden is set to request from Congress a three-month, emergency relaxation of the federal tax on gasoline. By removing that … Read more

Gimmicky Giveaways Will Only Make Inflation Worse

President Joe Biden speaks at the Daniel Technology Center of Germanna Community College about his … [+] proposals to fix inflation. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File) ASSOCIATED PRESS President Biden has declared many times in recent weeks that fighting inflation is his top economic priority. Although the Federal Reserve is primarily responsible for maintaining price stability, … Read more